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土耳其人民团结一致保护民主/turkish Nation United For Its Democracy! , 09.08.2016

87日在伊斯坦布尔,上百万土耳其民众聚集在一起,并共同参与了保护民主和纪念民主烈士的游行。Millions gathered and united at Democracy and Martyrs' Rally in Istanbul on August 7th.


此次游行由土耳其的主要政党共同召集。The rally was the common gathering of all main political parties in Turkey.


土耳其总统、执政党领袖、以及两大在野党领导人们一起参与了此次游行。87%的土耳其选民的民意也以此在游行中得以体现。 Turkish President was joined by the Leader of the Ruling Party as well as the Leaders of the two major Opposition Parties. 87% of the Turkish voters were thus represented at the rally.


这次游行显示了团结的土耳其人民自上个月未遂政变以来保护民主秩序的最高呼声。The rally was the climax of the unified democratic response of the Turkish People against the failed coup attempt last month.


们更加坚信土耳其民主将拥有光明的未来。We are now even more confident for the future of our democracy!

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